Airways Transporting

Your cargo is in safe hands with us even over the longest distances: Our air cargo experts ensure that your goods reach their destination safely, cost-effectively and punctually all over the world with the help of the most modern systems. Service is provided with. With our Uninterrupted Transportation and tracking system, the safest, fastest and most suitable transportation opportunity is provided.

As DÖNER KARDESLER, which shortens the transportation time; allowing flexible planning, small volume and sensitive loads to be transported without damage; In Airway Transportation, which offers convenience in customs and transportation procedures, we offer costs suitable for the expectations of our customers.

Havayolu Tasimaciligi

Airline Transport Features

In today's world, where the globalizing trade network is increasing day by day, transportation and transportation make its importance felt. Among the types of transportation, air transport stands out as the most preferred type of transportation. The industry, which is truly growing and has come a long way, is widely used. Considering the features of airline transportation, it appears as its advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of airline transportation compared to other transportation sectors are pulling the demands in this direction. Speed ​​and time, which are among the features of airline transportation, are the biggest factors. Airline transportation, in which the transportation time is reduced to a minimum, provides a great advantage for the sender and the buyer. The most reliable and convenient mode of transport for small quantities of goods is also air transport.

It is among the features of airline transportation that safety and security are at the highest level. In addition to the cargo insurance premium fee being more affordable than other transports, special attention is paid to loading, stacking and transportation. Among the features of air transport, it is expensive compared to other transport types, and large and bulky items cannot be transported as disadvantages.