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Founded in 1990, DÖNER KARDEŞLER has continuously increased its knowledge and skills with its understanding of service that is always open to innovations that prioritize principles and ethical values ​​and reached its deserved place among the leading logistics companies in the world.

DÖNER KARDEŞLER, which operated with its own fleet in the field of road transportation in the first years, reached a level that provides complete service to logistics needs by structuring in the fields of sea, air and railway transportation in the following years.

DÖNER KARDEŞLER, which started to carry out the transportation organizations of heavy and large loads, has taken its place among the first preferred companies in project logistics by providing services in all logistics stages of large and prestigious projects after its great experience.


With the right planning, the right timing and smooth delivery.


Storage service in suitable conditions and dimensions for your cargo.


We Deliver Your Shipping Products Without Damage

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DÖNER KARDEŞLER has undertaken the logistics of large projects belonging to many different sectors so far. Having successfully completed the logistics of power plants, airports, factories, bridges, hospitals, museums, mosques, shopping malls, universities, infrastructure and superstructure projects, DÖNER KARDEŞLER has become one of the most reliable project logistics companies in the international arena.

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DÖNER KARDEŞLER, operating in HATAY, ISTANBUL, IRAQ, IRAN, with its own offices and experienced teams, also provides services in other important regions of the world with its agencies.

Aiming to become an international brand, Döner Kardeşler was founded in 1990 with the first activities of Döner Kardeşler in Hatay / Kırıkhan. It became a global business with offices in Baghdad in 1992, Turkmenistan in 1992 and Iran in 1992. Döner Kardeşler, which brought many innovations to the sector and had a successful graphic until the 2000s, continues our project transportation to many neighboring countries, mainly Iraq and Iran. We serve our customers with high quality and honesty.